Arts Fellowship Experience

Applications for the 2019-2020 fellowship term will be available at the Fellowship Application Information page between August 1 and September 6, 2019.

Fellowship Experience

Selected Artist Fellows and HKETO-NY Arts Activator Fellows will spend six months in the United States based in New Haven, Connecticut. The selected fellows will receive project funding, housing, a basic living stipend, an arts faculty mentor, domestic trips, and round-trip flight from Hong Kong to New Haven. Visit our Virtual Info Session for more details about past experiences.

Fellows are expected to be self-reliant and actively pursue relationships with other artists, peers, and advocates. Yale-China pairs each fellow with a faculty mentor at Yale to help guide the fellows as they develop their projects and deepen their connections.

We invite artists and arts managers of any discipline to consider becoming a fellow, which means joining the ranks of the outstanding Yale-China Fellows who build trust, share culture, and form friendships over the course of their lives.

Artist Fellowship

Yale-China seeks out emerging artists whose art brings people together and provides a new perspective with the intent of strengthening creative voices between Chinese and Americans. During the half-year Fellowship, selected Arts Fellows have the artistic freedom to pursue collaborations within Yale University, New Haven, and across the United States. Through development of their final project, Fellows are encouraged to challenge themselves and those around them as they expand their professional and personal skills. The Yale-China Artist Fellowship aims to strengthen each Art Fellow’s artistic and cultural skills through a combination of hands-on experience and mentorship. The Fellowship aims to give each Arts Fellow the space to:

  • Explore and experiment artistically, with a focus on cross-cultural understanding
  • Develop relationships and creative transpacific collaborations with Yale faculty, graduate peers, local artists and non-artists
  • Engage the community through teaching master classes, leading workshops, giving performances or lectures, and providing specialized services to those who would otherwise not have access
  • Focus on new areas of growth as an artist and as an individual with global perspective through mentoring and guidance with Yale-China staff and faculty advisers
  • Present culminating artwork or research at New Haven’s International Festival of Arts & Ideas

Arts Activators Fellowship

The Yale-China Arts Activator Fellowship is a exceptional opportunity for Hong Kong based arts curators and managers to engage with and learn from the many resources and people of Yale University and New Haven. Arts Activators have the opportunity to not only curate and practice different art forms in New Haven but collaborate with people of all ages and walks of life as they strengthen their global networks.

Yale-China pairs each fellow with a faculty mentor at Yale to help guide Fellows as they develop their projects and deepen their connections. Mentors and Fellows identify growth areas together and build a strong relationship over the course of the fellowship period. Yale-China encourages Fellows to seek peer and advisory relationships over the course of the period, in addition to the mentorship.

Arts Activators have a focus on pursuing conversations and relationships that best fit their growth area and professional projects. Because of this focus, they have a second mentor - a senior leader in the Hong Kong arts community, who helps advocate for the Fellow’s engagement beyond the Fellowship, consults on projects, and advises on project implementation upon the Fellow’s return to Hong Kong.

Fellows activate conversations in new spaces, awaking a curiosity for Hong Kong culture and arts throughout the Yale and New Haven communities. Beyond the student, faculty, and local communities of New Haven, Fellows reach a broader public and network through travel. Visits to arts hubs such as San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Boston, and Louisville, Fellows meet industry experts, practitioners, artists, and other thought leaders to promote their projects as well as expand their U.S. network.

Past Fellows have benefited from observing new or different ways of engaging community, developing a more interactive arts education platform, and building audience. Other areas of interest may include technology, sustainability, entrepreneurship, public service, and social change. Fellows in turn exchange conversations about methods and programs that have succeeded in bringing people together over art in Hong Kong.

Service-Learning: Community Engagement and Growth through Reflection

Service-Learning opportunities provide fellows with experience in engaging communities, providing specialized services to those who would otherwise not have access, and reflecting on these interactions as a means for personal growth. Fellows meet with staff weekly to discuss these experiences and to receive program guidance during their time in the United States.

Project Research: A Means to Creative Transpacific Collaboration

The Fellows will research and develop their projects over the course of his/her residency in New Haven. This project should reflect an interest of the artist and have entry points for cross-cultural understanding. The research for this project will be presented at the International Festival of Arts & Ideas. Arts & Ideas staff will advise fellows throughout the six months leading up to the research presentation.

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