Chia Family Health Fellowship

The Chia Family Health Fellowship Program was established in 1998 to improve health outcomes in defined communities in China through a variety of intervention and educational activities. The Fellowship supports selected Chinese women working in the health professions in Hunan and Yunnan for a six month fellowship training at Yale University, which is followed by them carrying out health work in their local communities in China. Since its establishment, the fellowship has created a network of program alumni who continue to collaborate on research and public health work. Four fellows are selected each year to receive training at Yale University. Starting in 2013, the fellowship has expanded to support four women from rural western Hunan, who will receive five month training at Xiangya School of Medicine, Central South University.

Chia Fellowship at Yale

Each year, four fellows from Changsha and Kunming in China receive training at Yale for six months, after which they return to China with a developed community health project for implementation. More >

Chia Fellowship at Xiangya

Fellowships are offered to four female health professionals from rural western Hunan each year. Fellows are trained at Xiangya School of Medicine, Central South University in Changsha. Each also develops a health project addressing local needs. More >

Chia Community Program

The Chia Community Program was developed in 2006 to build upon the existing Chia Family Health Fellowship to address unmet health needs among vulnerable populations in communities in Hunan. More >

Annual Chia Conference

Each year in the fall, the Chia Fellowship Health Conference highlights the work of former fellows, features lectures and workshops presented by U.S. and Chinese researchers on relevant topics. More >

Current and Former Fellows

The Chia Fellowship program builds upon 15 years of experience in training female health professionals. To date, more than 40 fellows have received training with the support of the fellowship. More >

Publications by Chia Fellows

Chia Fellows are encouraged to publish their research in leading international and Chinese journals. Many have published works from their Chia Fellowship projects and other areas of their research interests. More >

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